Missions at Concord

Concord and Missions have always gone together ever since Concord began.  Missions is on God’s heart.  From Genesis 1 and the cultural mandate onward, God has sent His people out into the world to proclaim the good news that the King wants to be with His people and has made the way for them to be with Him.  The Bible reveals the presence of God with His people and missions proclaims the “withness” of our King.

Our relationships with our missionaries also proclaims that we value “withness.”  Rather than supporting many missionaries, we intentionally choose to support a smaller number to a greater extent so that we can maintain regular contact and communications with them.  We want to personally know our missionaries so we can pray for them.  We have chosen missionaries whom we believe are making a significant contribution in key geographic locations.  Some of our missionaries serve in sensitive places so we are not including their pictures or full names for their protection.  

Hatem and Lisa

Hatem and Lisa and their two sons serve in a sensitive area. Their vision is to produce impactful discipleship-focused programming in the visual media and the social media that will train Christians who normally would not be able to gather together to worship, study, or fellowship.  

Ray and Michele Call

Ray and Michele Call and their five children serve in Belize, Central America, where they support national Christian pastors with training, church planting, and their encouraging presence. 

Leogardo and Jenny Catzim

Leogardo and Jenny Catzim, who have lived in Belize all their lives, also serve with the Presbyterian Church there.  Leogardo pastors several churches and leads in the denomination. 


Ana, who grew up at Concord, has trained in trauma recovery, and works in another sensitive area to help refugees recover from the stress of resettling in new countries.

Phil and Amina

Phil and Amina and their three daughters grew up in their native country where Phil teaches at a seminary, plants churches, and trains church leaders to grow more churches in a country increasingly hostile to the Christian faith.  

David and Sarah Kennedy

David and Sarah Kennedy and their three sons live in the US where David helps direct the global direction for the Jesus Films production and distribution in Africa and travels extensively between home and field.

Brian and Megan Moore

Brian and Megan Moore and their three children work in Berlin, Germany, where they are planting a church and ministering to refugees. 

Lani and Rene

Lani and Rene and their two sons minister in their native Philippines to Muslims as they plant churches among the needy.

Rachael Rabe

Rachel Rabe child of our Illiana Presbytery, teaches and mentors Japanese students in Japan.

Domestic and other Missions

In addition to these individual missionaries,  Concord supports various PCA denominational agencies such as Covenant College, Covenant Theological Seminary, Christian Discipleship Ministries, and Illiana Presbytery Church Planting efforts.  We support three different orphanages and children’s homes in India.  We are actively engaged with International Theological Education Ministries (ITEM) which brings Reformed theological and ministerial training to national pastors and leaders in 17 locations worldwide.  

But we also believe missions begins at home so we actively support a Food Pantry at Concord, a pregnancy center in Waterloo (Life Network of Southern Illinois), an expanding Christian school (Monroe County Christian School), and the Gideon’s Monroe Camp. 

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