Concord Sunday School Classes 
Spring 2018 
March 4 is the beginning of our new quarter and with it we will be starting several new classes. 
Studying God's Word - Younger Elementary (Ages 3-6)

This quarter will focus on what it means to become devoted to God’s Word. Using stories and passages from both the Old and New Testaments, children will study the importance of God’s Word. They will learn about those who followed God’s Word and those who failed to obey it. They will find out about Jesus and God’s Word, and they will discover what it means to hide God’s Word in their hearts and live by it.

In Unit 1 children learn that God’s promise of salvation and his plan for his people is found only in his Word, the Bible.

Unit 2 focuses on Old Testament personalities and their relationship to God and his Word. The children learn that Asa and Ezra trusted God and his Word, and that God blessed them. They also find out that Eli and his sons disobeyed God’s law, and they were punished for their sins.

Unit 3 is about the Lord Jesus Christ. He fulfilled God’s promise by coming to earth to be the Savior. He loved and obeyed God’s Word and taught it to others. Jesus commanded his people, the church, to continue to preach and teach God’s Word.

The fourth unit focuses on how we are to live by God’s Word. Children learn that it is important to listen to God’s Word, memorize God’s Word, and obey God’s Word. Children discover that God equips his people for service and produces the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.

By the end of the quarter our students should be able to explain why God’s Word is important and what it means for their lives.

Bible Doctrine - The shorter catechism for today's young person - (Grades 3-5)
Bible Doctrine is a 2-year course designed for young teens based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Each year includes 30 lessons to be used weekly. 
The Gospel Project - Junior and Senior High 
The Gospel Project is a Bible study resource that invites Students, to dive deeply into God's story of redemption through Jesus Christ. In every lesson, participants are immersed in the gospel and learn how when the gospel works on them, they become a part of the story, too, the very hands and feet in God's gospel project. 


"I Almost Lost My Faith!" - Adults 

Did you ever come close to losing your faith? Was there ever a time when nothing that you believed seemed to make sense anymore, and you felt like just turning away from God and the Christian teaching? Are you even struggling with such thoughts right now? In Psalm 73 there is a personal testimony of a man named Asaph who went through this very same struggle. Come, study this valuable Psalm as we learn how God rescued Asaph and brought him to a stronger and more certain faith. It will do you good.

 Spiritual Health and Wellness - Adult
Utilizing spiritual disciplines and the means of Grace!